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Mobile phone cable maintenance methods have?

by:Richupon      2020-05-28
You know, cable also needs to be maintained? If you still don't know, cable factory to tell you today, cable maintenance methods, so as to prolong service life. 1, before using, should understand the working methods and steps of data cable. Familiar with, don't use because of improper cable to cable damage. 2, interfaces, of right and the corresponding pins should be paid attention to. Cable has two interfaces, one is to connect the computer, one is connected to the phone, and the pins of the interface is different, and stitching is fine, it's easy to broken, when plug interface must be carefully inserted, otherwise a broken stitches, cable also is useless. 3, moistureproof and dustproof. Port has a tiny stitches of the data line, and metals products, are vulnerable to the oxidation of water and dust. Maintain undeserved, can easily let water and dust into the cable, resulting in the data cable can't work normally, so will the download speed is slow. 4, try not to let the cable crimp. After a lot of users are like in the use of the data line will curl a stored data line, actually this is wrong. Cable is made of plastic and aluminum foil shield, long song, long song volume will cause cable external plastic or internal layer of the aluminum foil shield damage, reduce the service life of the cable. That is to introduce the cable factory, as long as to the above points, mobile phone data line is sure to use a long time.
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