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Mobile phone cable how to deal with clean dirty?

by:Richupon      2020-06-19
Now all kinds of mobile phone cable, white, black, what color is red, and so on. But the color of many, these colorful headphone cables would be easy to dirty, compared to the previous traditional black is more resistant to dirty, say white, and the most easy to dirty, a little big drop will be stained with dust on the ground, so mobile phone cable how to deal with clean dirty? Washed with water? This method is wrong, because if washed, headphone cables at both ends of the plug is easy to rust, so we cannot wash. The correct approach: 1, white vinegar, use a cotton white vinegar and wipe down the ear wire and cable, the taste is a little heavy, cotton cloth with water to wipe a taste. ( It is best not to wash the interface) 2, laundry soap, back cut off a small piece of melting with warm water, then use cotton cloth to dab a small amount of solution ear wire and cable, and then dry with a dry towel. ( Detergent, shower gel, etc can all be, of course, not for one by one, clean interface can't oh) 3, tooth paste, squeeze a little toothpaste mix a small amount of water, and then use cotton cloth to wipe a little amount, the dry with a dry towel. ( Washed and faint scent, this interface can't clean oh) 4, the eraser: this is not much explanation, the effect is good. ( This interface can't wipe) 5, alcohol: use cotton alcohol and wipe down the ear wire and cable, finally dry naturally. ( This can clean interface, disadvantages: alcohol is easy to make wire aging, but the impact is not big. )
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