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Mobile phone cable and wireless charging technology which is better to use?

by:Richupon      2020-10-25
With cable for charging the mobile phone will be very convenient to use and is a good way to increase mobile life. The appearance of the cable is in order to solve the battery capacity is limited on this short, but now used by many of the data line charging rate is not very ideal. Industry elite, of course, also constantly improve mobile phone recharge condition, the latest USB 3. 1型- C using cables is very strong, is quickly both in charging and data transmission. Another is wireless charging, this sounds like a pretty advanced wireless charging technology, but compared with headphone cables. Mobile phone cable and wireless charging technology which is better to use?
now use most of the data line is 2 a data line, charging does not speak very fast, life or there is no problem of maintaining the phone. And portable data line, and go out, worry no electricity can take a cable and a mobile power supply, can recharge my mobile phone emergency when run out of battery. Cable in time for a long time, also can say function and technology, and so on are very mature, but also in constant improvement to upgrade, in order to better for the phone charge range. From USB1. USB3 zero to now. 1, can say five generations of updates, more and more useful, charging and data transmission is becoming more and more fast. To say the data line to recharge the phone what else there is no practical charging products can replace. Think before using the universal charger are dry bottom go to, you know from this point of data cable is much better.
there is a black wireless charging technology, recently also emerged, give a person the feeling is quite novel. Wireless charger is not the traditional charging the power cord is connected to the need to recharge on the terminal equipment of the charger, adopted the latest wireless charging technology, through the use of the magnetic field between the coil and magical power transmission, inductive coupling technology will become the bridge connecting charging stations and equipment. And wireless charging technology won 20 patents in 2007, a variety of devices can use a charging stations, mobile phones, MP3 players, electric tools and other power adapter cable charging case will not exist. Wireless charging technology is also not so perfect, of course, there are still many questions waiting for solving, such as the core chip is wireless charging technology applied in tea on a difficulty, to say the core wireless charging technology also is not very perfect, radiation area cannot realize long distance transmission, application range is restricted by the limited factors and so on. Although this black technology in future wireless charging technology could be improved and extensive application, but still not in the current environment conditions to the wide range of applications.
so wireless charging technology for the future development space is big, but now it is more convenient to charge with usb data cable directly, now USB3, after all. 1型- C interface cable charging speed already soon, why want to use is not yet mature wireless charging!
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