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Mobile phone battery techniques cannot not know

by:Richupon      2020-08-18
Activation treatment was conducted on the battery before leaving the factory, manufacturers, and has carried on the preliminary charging, so batteries are more electricity, the friend said battery charge according to the adjustment time, standby is still inadequate, if the battery is really authentic, this kind of circumstance should be extended adjustment again in 3 ~ 5 times fully charge and discharge. If a new cell phone battery is lithium ion, so 3 ~ 5 times before charging, commonly referred to as an adjustment period should be charged more than 14 hours, to ensure that fully activate the activity of lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries have no memory effect, but there is a strong inertia, should give fully activated, after only can guarantee the use of can achieve the best efficiency. Some automated intelligent charger when the indicator lights change quickly, saying only filled with 90%. The charger will automatically change with slow charging the battery is full. After the battery is full of best use, otherwise you will shorten use time. Before charging, lithium batteries don't need special discharge, discharge improper may damage the battery. As far as possible when charging in order to slow charge, reduce quick charge way; Time not more than 24 hours. After the battery full charge and full discharge after three to five times its internal chemicals will be full of 'perk' best use effect. Please use the original factory good brand or reputation of the charger, want to use lithium battery chargers for lithium-ion batteries, and follow the instructions, otherwise it will damage the battery, even dangerous. Return when there are a lot of users are often in charge the phone open, actually such life will be very easy to hurt my cell phone, because in the process of charging, the phone's circuit board will be fever, at this time if there is a foreign phone, may produce instant return current, the zero parts damaged inside the phone. Battery life depends on the number of repeated charge and discharge, so avoid more battery charging, this will shorten the battery life of life. Phone for more than 7 days, should be the phone battery to discharge completely sufficient electricity before using. 3% discharge. When recharge the battery, try to use a dedicated socket, don't put the charger and appliances such as TV Shared socket. Although mobile phone within the network coverage area, but on the phone batteries, cell phone has been unable to accept and make a phone call. This, you can not connect transfer function of mobile phone use, transfer the phone to the side of the fixed telephone, in order to prevent the electricity loss, this kind of method for the mobile phone is not in the network coverage area or the signal is weak and is temporarily unable to get through. Don't expose the battery under cold, like the dog days, should not put the phone in the car, through the hot sun exposure; Or to the air conditioning room, where air conditioning blows straight. When charging, the battery is a little heat is normal, but can't let it support hot 'Fried'. In order to avoid this situation, it is best to charge at room temperature, and do not cover anything on your phone. Nickel cadmium battery before must ensure that there has been no electricity, battery recharging after must ensure that sufficient battery power. If the phone battery unused for too long, to the best mobile phone battery maintenance department to apply for to make a living processing, can also be yourself with a dc manostat, adjust the voltage of 5 ~ 6 v, current 500 ~ 600 ma, reverse connect the battery. Most attention, a touch namely open, repeated three times, after this treatment, with original charger for 'adjustment'. Charging is not the longer, the better, for there is no protection circuit after the battery should stop charging, or the battery will affect performance because of fever or overheating.
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