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Maintenance methods of the data line

by:Richupon      2020-07-20
First, the number of data pull plug, to hold the head, rather than directly pull line out. This is the habit of many people, because the degree of cognition to the attention of the cable is not enough, so the plug, pull is directly pull line, as a result, the internal fracture, thus reduce its service life. At the same time near the plug fold or roll bending cable will reduce its service life. Second, the data cable can not be in the dust, damp places. Such easy to cause the cable is oxidation, resulting in poor contact. Third, improper connection, also easy to wreck a data cable. Reported that forty percent of people found that there is something wrong with the cable, will literally find a fabric bag, but don't know sequence connection, which can lead to short circuit or open circuit, nature will not be able to work properly.
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