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Iphone X measured data line, and the truth let fruit are surprised? ? ?

by:Richupon      2021-03-17
Apple data line except for charging, also used for data transmission, ecological closed due to apple's iOS system, even the mobile phone accessories, also need through apple certification and support. MFi certification is apple for accessories manufacturers authorized to produce a kind of permission. The number of cable type on the market is numerous, can be classified as MFi certification data and non MFi certification data line two kinds. Because of certification as a distinction, the data line on market price range is very big also, the cheapest is only a few dollars, you sell for several hundred yuan. Advertising trips to MFi certification apple cable and the cable of MFi certification for what are the differences in the performance? We began this article 13 cable lateral comparison.

MFi certification of the cable with and without empty mark?

we use apple Lighting line identifier for 13 test data line. It supports apple data line, charging line, single head identification. Support MFi certification of original data and hold high copy data cable, to recognize the chip using scheme and manufacturer.

20 wire recognizer whether measured data including chip MFi certification, only certified products will display the original, rather than the MFi certification product will show the stronghold. Test of a product display for Taiwan, actually also is the result of the high copy chip.

in addition to the 1, 3 samples, the rest of the data cable test results and the situation of the product label, there is no discrepancy. Be worth what carry is, 1, 3, cable price of 29 respectively. 5 and 39. 9 yuan, is our purchasing sample with MFi certification is the cheapest, it seems that price is too low line certification you need to keep an eye. MFi certification faster charging cable? Charging test, we record the 13 cable stability under the charging status of voltage, current and waveform data.

in order to facilitate comparison data, we will success rate of voltage and current data sorting data, it is concluded that the comparison chart below. Due to voltage and current changes all the time so the table data are for reference only.

actual calculated results, in addition to the 13 samples, other samples of charging power differs very little, if MFi certification of the cable on the charging speed and no obvious difference. And the power of 13 samples is significantly less than any other samples, charging speed will be slower.

charge stability of the difference between big?

charge stability ( Voltage/current) Rating table below: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 samples of both the stability of the voltage or current requirements, excellent charge stability. The rest of the current volatility is larger products, all is MFi certification tests for the MFi certification data line. It is important to note that apple's original charger quality is very high, if you use a less known and inferior brand fake charger, charging current fluctuation above tests will only be further amplification, is likely to cause excessive charging power cause fever, even burning a mobile phone.

transmission speed performance?

test results as expected, 13 samples of file transmission speed is very near, only 9 samples slightly slower transmission speed, but the gap is very small. Here we also want to remind readers, although MFi certification line and line on a large file to read and write speed is not matched, but some of the poor quality of shanzhai line current is also in the process of data transmission is not stable, easy to appear the phenomenon of losing data, at the time of backup phones may be caused by missing file backup failure, therefore, chosen MFi certification data line is necessary. Conclusion: in charging speed, transmission speed of these functions for daily use, basic can catch up with the MFi certification of MFi certification data line protectors, but not MFi certification of cable, the biggest problem lies in poor stability of current, is likely to call the device is out of order, especially in voltage instability, poor use of charging head, plus apple warranty policy on the MFi certification parts damage, so the use of MFi certification is not responsible for the junior partner. 。

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