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Introduction to the type - The choose and buy of c cable tip

by:Richupon      2020-10-27

with the popularity of mobile phones, more and more manufacturers are on the market began to application Type - C interface. Because of the different interface, we can neither use apple data line can't use the android for charging or data transmission cable, can only use the Type - C charging cable. Let's follow the type - See type - c cable manufacturer The choose and buy of c cable tip:

Type - Appearance: C cable outsourcing material, the current mainstream Type - C cable was outside material has three kinds: PVC, TPE, woven nylon. PVC basic need not consider, cheap wire basic is PVC material, easy craze is not strong enough. At present mobile phone original cable is TPE material, soft and resilient, have certain ability to resist pulling. And weave the data cable is outside the TPE covered by outside adds a layer of woven, handle, pull resistance has greatly promoted, along with a not easy to the characteristics of the winding.

类型, Performance: C cable wire core and interface, to be outside the choice, more is to beautiful and durable. For the whole cable, wire core and the quality of the interface height will directly affect the Type - C cable charging and data transmission capacity.

类型, C cable work: detail is bright spot, not only to see the Type - C data line is beautiful, whether also need to see from the details of the manufacturer of the product. Observe the product details, we can go to is to distinguish whether cable manufacturer to product diligently, responsible for the users of the tip.

cheap Type - C cable generally adopt ordinary plastic material, wire is very hard and not environmental protection, and even plastic skin surface burr flavour is dye-in-the-wood. When making data transmission Type - mostly C cable can achieve high-speed transmission, but there will be a slow down in the process of transmission problem, read the corrugated severe problems such as, this shows that the Type - C cable itself may read failure caused by the relationship between material and quality, so a good type of choose and buy. . . C data cable for users is particularly important. In addition, in choosing the Type - C cable, should pay attention to current limit oh.

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