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类型, Introduce the Type - c cable manufacturer The advantage of the data line C

by:Richupon      2020-11-08

for Type - C cable, we from the unfamiliar to the familiar, have heard too much news about it, I saw the article boost Type - most of them in What benefits, such as the C cable can be both positive and negative, double-sided pluggable, charging and fast, and so on a series of benefits. 类型, C launch has more than a year, we really understand its main advantage? The following type - C cable manufacturer to give you details:

Type - C cable's advantage lies in its support of the electric current is higher, is to use the Type - at the same time C through current will be more to speed up the equipment of charging.

Type - mostly at present C cable charging current is 2 a commonly, if you want to achieve 3 a in charge rate is required to match the high current wall charger. That is to say, if the wall support only 1 a, both with 2 a and 3 a cable to charge, there is no difference in the root; If the wall charger is supported by the current 2 a, deserve to go up again 2/3 a Type - a C cable, its effect can have apparent change.

but also has a two-way charging function, carrying Type - Equipment can be through the Type - C interface C lines to connect mobile power charger, users do not need to carry the charging line, a wall and filling Type - C line. In addition, mobile phone advice in the selection of the Type - cable manufacturer C charging cable, should pay attention to current limit, 1 a charging cable does not have quick charge performance, is the most common use of Type - 2 a 3 a, C charging cable is better data cable, if want to have a quick charging effect, must choose to take 3 a Type of electric current C charging cable.

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