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Interpretation of the data line have what use USB cable manufacturer

by:Richupon      2020-11-09

with the development of the electronics industry with each passing day, upgrades, but now the data line has become a indispensable part in our life, a male child cannot be replaced. So, cable have what use? USB cable manufacturer to give you details below:

1, to connect cable, a mobile phone, on the other side the USB head, mobile results only prompt the charger is connected, also found no new hardware, U disk, proving the mouth without cable, only the power supply line, namely, only the power supply.

2, to connect cable, a mobile phone, on the other side the USB head, the mobile phone tips to find U disk, is actually a memory card, the results to see the contents of the memory card in the computer, mobile phone also in charging status, thus prove that the mouth is power supply wire and cable, USB data ChuanShuKou is normal.

3, it off carefully looked at the two interfaces, found that the interface is the same, four line, supposedly in the USB port should be two wires, the two power supply line ah, because do not have the heart to destroy the data line, so guess connected to the computer though the mouth interface has four wires, but in fact there are only two power cord connected to the outside, it's like our cables this eight root, but we may be able to only 4 of them are the same. Data processing integrated the above experiments, another mouth is when insufficient USB port voltage, play the role of to power a mobile hard disk.

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