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Identify the data line quality

by:Richupon      2020-11-10

cable in the process of purchasing how to better identify data line quality good and bad? You know about this problem with usb cable manufacturer.

the method a, observe the outlet work process

it is known to all mobile phone cable belong to a cable products use frequency is frequent, and the product contact with cell phones often parts of the interface. Often with a good quality headphone cables whole work is very delicate, especially the making craft of interface looks extremely delicate, so the owner can interface parts work process by observing the data line method to identify its quality or not.

method 2, understanding the line material

selected material for cell phone cable production line will also affect the overall quality, so the owner can also by understanding the material of cable lines to judge its quality. If a data cable is the internal quality thick copper core and is on the outside of the copper wrapped with aluminum foil and metal mesh grid, then this kind of material quality of the data line is generally not too bad.

methods, view selection of outsourcing material quality

the existing on the market of mobile phone data cable outsourcing materials are common plastic and rubber materials, including rubber material quality is better than common plastic materials. Owner in to identify the quality of mobile phone data cable can through the observation data to understand the use of outsourcing material, choose as far as possible conditions allow the rubber material of outsourcing.

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