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Richupon usb cables manufacturers have 20 years experience in custom usb cables and usb data cable manufacturing.

Export destinations of Richupon
Richupon Industrial (Shenzhen) Company Ltd.,'s products are well received in various countries around the world, and they are exported in high volume. To facilitate the export business, we have undertaken in-depth studies in the regulations and rules of major importers, including America, German, Japan. To meet international standards, we conduct strict quality assurance methods that satisfy quality demands. The export business volume continues to increase and help us achieve great profits. We will keep expanding our sales networks to serve more customers.

Richupon has been focusing exclusively on the manufacture of usb cable for years. Our ability in manufacturing is recognized among competitors. Richupon focuses on providing a variety of data cable for customers. An appealing range of colors, finishes, and details let customers create the vga hdmi adapter they’ve dreamed of. The product features increased durability thanks to its reinforced wiring. . The product poses no risk in terms of safety. It does not contain super-toxic flame retardant chemicals nor harmful VOCs such as formaldehyde. The product can withstand over 10,000 insert and extractions.

Favored by more customers, Richupon is very confident to be a lead of usb cable industry. Get info!
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