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Even without a data line can also be simple file each other on mobile phones and computers

by:Richupon      2020-11-03

we will always carry your cell phone at ordinary times, but because the computer can not carry convenience, not with you. Only on the phone, so some important data such as required when transmitted from mobile phone to the computer. So when we forget to bring the cable.com/data-cable' target='_blank'>data cable. What method can let you achieve between mobile phone and computer data to each other?

a bluetooth connection, transmission

usually has function of bluetooth mobile phone, a computer also has bluetooth function, only need to open after the success of the matching can be file transfer. Between this method and the mobile phone bluetooth transmission is similar.

2, swift PDF reader

swift PDF editor is a sophisticated and powerful software, its functions are: multiple reading methods and edit PDF files, photo recognition image text, WIFI transfer files, etc. Use the WIFI transfer files function, the mobile phone and computer files can be realized in each other.

3, WeChat, QQ

in the absence of cable we can make full use of social software implementation file each other, such as WeChat, QQ is ok.

WeChat example, computers and cell phones to login WeChat first, and then WeChat will be displayed at the top' Web WeChat has landed 】 After entering, click the tips, click the file, you can begin to transfer files.

4, network backup

network location is also a way of mobile phone transfer files between computers. As long as you are in the mobile terminal on your network backup account, upload the data to your network location, you can check back at any time on the computer to download.

in daily work, we will often use email to send mail, and so on. But it can also be used to transfer files, this should be a lot of people don't know. Mailbox has a call' File transfer station 】 The function. This feature can help users to larger files for the temporary storage of the network. And some similar network location.

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