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Electronic connection wire inspection standards

by:Richupon      2020-07-07
A, electronic connection wire products quality requirements: 1. Size precision electronic connection wire size accuracy requirement includes two aspects of content, namely the section size tolerance requirement and the consistency of the wire along the length direction. The national standard ( GB/T14981) Have the detailed rules. 2. Surface quality of the surface quality includes three aspects, namely the wire surface condition, the depth of decarburization layer and iron oxide quantity and structure shape. General electronic connection wire surface should not have scar, folding, defects such as cracks, scratches, in production to minimize surface defects, should be brought in the process of heating and rolling to prevent the formation of surface defects. 3. Internal organization and performance of electronic connection wire microstructure and properties of mainly refers to the wire in the microstructure, grain size, all kinds of mechanical performance index, namely, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation and reduction of area, and the uniformity of the performance on the wire length. 4. The appearance of the volume coil good appearance must be neat, the packaging is solid. Second, the electronic connection wire product main technical standard 1. GB/T14981 hot-rolled wire rod size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of the provisions of this standard the hot-rolled wire rod size, shape, weight and allowable deviation. This standard applies to a diameter of 5. Article 5 ~ 30 mm of all kinds of steel disc. This standard size deviation includes two aspects of allowable deviation and out of roundness, the accuracy is divided into A, B, C level 3. Such as Φ 6. 5 wire rod, the allowable deviation points: A grade: + 0. 40, B: + 0. 30, C: + 0. 15. Out of roundness is divided into: A level 0 or less. 50, class B 0 or less. 40, C level 0 or less. 24. Only when the allowable deviation and determine the out of roundness is conform to the corresponding level, to decide. Wire rod precision level should be indicated in the contract, not indicate A level precision shall prevail. Inspection areas from the end of the volume minimum distance shall comply with the provisions of this standard, for more than 6. 5 ~ 12. 5 mm products,  inspection parts from the end of the volume to minimum range: 4 m. 2. GB/T2101 sections of the acceptance certificate, packing, marking and quality general provisions (1) any rules of inspection and the reinspection do not coincide if there is a certain test results do not conform to the requirements of the standards, then again from the same take double the number of samples for the reinspection to the unqualified project ( Except white dots) 。 The reinspection results ( Including the test required by any indicators) Even if there is an indicator is unqualified, the bulk delivery is not allowed.
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