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Richupon usb cables manufacturers have 20 years experience in custom usb cables and usb data cable manufacturing.

Does Richupon enjoy high popularity?
Our sales volume is growing. More and more customers are coming for our products, which clearly shows that our brand - Richupon Industrial (Shenzhen) Company Ltd.,, is enjoying greater popularity at home and abroad. After years of unremitting efforts in development and innovation, our brand is closing the gap with global competitors. And with our ability to adapt to market trends and local tastes, we are confident that our brand will be recognized and appreciated by more and more customers. Are you interested in our products? Get in touch with our team for more information now.

Richupon has held a safe lead in the development and production of toslink optical audio cable. We have developed into a company with strong competitiveness. Richupon focuses on providing a variety of vga hdmi adapter for customers. The design of Richupon lightning cable adds an overall aesthetic. The product is easy to plug and play, with no software or drivers required. . we's great capacity helps develop the right deficiencies within your company. The product allows data transfer without an Internet connection.

Since its establishment, we has been upholding the principle of 2 in 1 cable. Welcome to visit our factory!
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