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Custom cable must meet the conditions

by:Richupon      2020-11-23

cable in the process of the custom are those conditions must have? For this problem bring you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

1。 Stability of transmitting data signals ability

at the moment in the surrounding environment, under various interference factors existing in the outside of the jamming signal into the lining of the cable conductor may affect the corresponding data transmission effect, therefore in the usb cable customization of current quality assured, more need to meet the stability of the data transmission function. From the usb cable to customize what brand analysis can be found that the high quality usb cable custom agency can be implemented based on this kind of good design effect a variety of shielding layer integrated design, by this level of design to achieve a comprehensive control to avoid external signal interference factors, to ensure the efficiency of data transmission and the stability of the signal communication.

2。 Current transmission efficiency

it is reported in the daily application of cable also need to take a certain amount of current transmission and the function of charging, and constantly efficient charging of mobile flash filling ability and function requirements, more request quality assured usb cable custom in China to provide stable current transmission. Now quality assured usb cable custom agency made by the current constantly adjust and the current scheme of test, make the usb cable of customized products with more efficient current flow capacity.

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