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Common cable wire gauge wire size problem

by:Richupon      2020-08-04
Common cable wire gauge wire size problem a lot of customer consultation cable wire gauge wire size problem, as a professional cable manufacturer, today for everyone to popularize the common wire gauge line number. Ul wire gauge: 30 # current 1 a resistance of 361 Ω/KM28 current # 1. 5 a resistance 227 Ω/KM26 # current 2 a resistance 143 Ω/KM24 # current 3 a resistance of 89. 4 Ω/KM22 bolt 54 # 4 a current resistance. 3 Ω/KM20 33 # 5 a current resistance. 7 # 9 Ω/KM18 current. 5 a resistance 21. 9 # 4 Ω/KM16 current. 5 a resistance of 13. 5 Ω/current KM14 # 13. 5 a resistance 8. 45 Ω/KM power cable, there is no difference, only the materials, thickness, length is different. So a lot of accessories cable can be generic. Actual use of the difference is too much for A large amount of current, short A few, the greater the shorter charging time. We can according to need to customize the data cable.
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