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Cold knowledge about headphone cables

by:Richupon      2021-03-11

when it comes to mobile phone cable believe that everybody is not strange, it has become an indispensable part of our life, whether it is used to charge their phone, or used to connect with computer for data transmission or download ring tones and pictures, cannot leave the cable, it is our pathway tools of mobile charging and data transmission. The next cell phone cable manufacturers to introduce a few cold knowledge about mobile phone data line:

1, the data cable is 1 a / 2 a difference?

charging head have 1 a / 2 a, quick charge of quick charge, the difference between the data cable have the difference? Can only support some cable 1 a?

1 a / 2 a data line is all, as long as it's not bad cable, support 2 a current basic didn't have any problem, don't worry about this.

if the phone has a quick charge or other need, this current will also bigger. To product contain the S15 a data line as an example, specifically with the oxygen-free copper, can fast charge ~

it is important to note that some inferior cable may be because the line is too thin, poor material cause fever of what, to mobile phones don't be a drag on, use less as far as possible bad data.

2, data line can charge?

for android mobile phone, as long as the corresponding can use mobile phones and interface of the data line, the difference is only can support the quick charge. For apple mobile phone, cable have to distinguish between MFI certification, no MFI certification and not original apple line even for charging the mobile phone, also can appear not compatible, filling in a series of problems, such as electric, mobile phone screen, even can be inserted, the harm of apple is very big also, had better not use it.

3, data line, why the price difference is bigger?

the first is the reasons of the interface, data about micro and type on the market at present C, three from interface. From the interface belongs to apple, based on the characteristics of apple, price is higher than the first one section; 类型, C is the darling of the market at present, both positive and negative, the transmission speed and charging ability, than good catering to the demand of the quick charge, the price also is higher; Relatively, the most widely used and relatively old micro data line is the lowest price.

of course, one of the original data line, and the impact on the price is relatively large, Original & gt; Brand & gt; Less known and inferior brand) Compatibility, original, best brand price is higher, which views.

4, how to choose a high quality cable?

first of all, of course, according to the mobile phone interface screen, if the apple line, cable manufacturers, there are advised to choose MFI or original line. Second, wire diameter thick ( Tensile, protect the copper core) , wire surface reflective ( Wire rubber ingredients more) The quality of the data line is best.

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