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Choose a headphone cables are what problem should note?

by:Richupon      2020-10-25
Cable is indispensable in our daily life is an important tool, because we use the cell phone battery capacity is limited, can't last for a long time, now the majority of only one mobile phone battery, have nothing to spare, so the fastest the most effective, most direct, charging method is to use our USB headphone cables. But want to charge their phone fast data line, and the choice of the data cable is very important, cable manufacturers tell you choose what problem should note headphone cables.
select headphone cables problems
1, must pay attention to when buying a headphone cables should pay attention to check the AWG cable value ( A type of wire rod of internal design) , the smaller the AWG numerical on behalf of the conductor is more rough, the interior of the cable conductor is thicker, the less the consumption of electricity, through the greater the current, then this cable charging quickly, whereas AWG numerical value, the greater the conductor is the thinner, the resistance will increase, will consume a large amount of current, the charge will be very slow. Generally will have instructions or directions on the package, or when the choose and buy can ask vendor, customer service, store owners, etc.
2, the length of the data to choose not too long, try to choose about one meter of cable, if it is more than 1 meter cable, is must pay attention to the cable line and not too thin, too thin can affect the speed of charging. Try to choose the line is thick some, will charge faster.
3, select normal cable manufacturer or regular brand cable, good internal conductor cable using anaerobic pure tin plating copper and copper wire core, this conductive will be better. But there are a lot of fake data line is with iron wire, iron the electrical conductivity of the copper is not good. Must see parameters and specifications, when buy or ask after sales customer service, and stores, so as not to sell to the inferior cable can't use.
headphone cables when the choose and buy must pay attention to these. Understanding these selection skills, we can sell to the good quality fast charging cable.
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