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Charging speed and must be a data line

by:Richupon      2020-06-21
Triad cable manufacturer to tell you that influence on the speed of charging the biggest, it's not the cable itself, but the output power of the charger or the output current. If it is charging on the USB port of computer, the output current up to 500 ma, but if it is attached to the output of 1 a charger, so charging speed can increase one times, and even some users reflect, some cable to connect the computer phone have no electricity. But the truth is that the problem is not the wires, but computer output current is too small, so that the IC is not enabled, cannot be recharged to the device. If must say what's the difference between original data with the original, or mean what can affect the speed. Triad cable manufacturers think should is refers to the transmission speed. Is not the original data set differ in terms of interference shielding material enough, so cause the high bit error rate, reduce the transmission speed. In fact, you don't need to struggle with the original with the original this problem. In fact, many of the original line with the original line is a manufacturer is one of the workers, are nothing more than a dozen on the original brand, brand and another is not just. Through the above introduction, believe everybody should know about the influence on the speed of charging and must be the cable.
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