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Cell phone quick charge technology really good?

by:Richupon      2020-08-01
In this era, people with most things in a day is what? Surely not everyone I know, that is the mobile phone, mobile phone now can say this, for the people so the second wife; Much mobile phone use, use for a long time, the problem of natural and follow to, most people have a headache problem should be quickly without electricity, battery charging and trouble, usually takes several hours to complete, many mobile phone manufacturers in the battery, cable and other equipment. And the latest mobile phones - quick charge technology - - - - - - Fastest is a minute, which greatly reduce the charging time of the user, this advantage is good, but in cable factory technology department to work more than ten years of I, it is necessary to publish their own personal point of view, personally think that disadvantages than advantages is more outstanding, the following analysis for everyone under points: 1, low voltage and high current mode: in the case of a certain voltage, the increase in current, you can use the parallel circuit way, constant voltage, the parallel bypass after each circuit of the smaller pressure, in the mobile phone is also the same treatment, this each circuit and the smaller the pressure; 2, high voltage, high current mode: this way, at the same time increase the current and voltage, P = UI by previous formula, so we can know is that this way is the best way to increase the power, but increase the voltage at the same time will produce more heat, so the the more energy is consumed, and the voltage and current is not unlimited increase at will. 3, high voltage constant current mode: normal cell phone charging process is, first the charger voltage 220 v voltage drop to 5 v, 5 v charger voltage down to 4 again. 2 v battery voltage. The entire charging process, if increase the voltage, generate heat, so when charging, the charger will be fever, cell phone will be hot. And that power, the greater the damage to the battery is bigger; And the definition of quick charge technology is: in the process of the mobile phone charge according to the dynamic parameters, such as battery voltage, capacity and temperature request, the method to adjust the output voltage and current with the charger, so this kind of quick charge technology is not associated with cable.
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