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Can a signal WIFI headphone cables

by:Richupon      2020-06-22
An ordinary mobile phone can cable signal of WIFI? This of course not, can only be charging and data transmission. But by us, and the electronic development and production of the mobile phone data cable that can connect WIFI, not only can charge transfer, and there is a wireless network card, mobile storage, computer interaction, Wi - you Fi, and other functions. The powerful. First of all, the charge transfer function are OUT, is also the basic duty of a mobile phone cable, however, it should be the way, many traditional cable in some cases, there is no way to share, but elegant and production this kind of mobile phone data line can, android mobile phone, tablet PC, laptop, no problem! A charging cable can also save, stunned! Elegant and the smart phone data line with usb flash disk storage capability, capacity not only has a variety of choice, also not small! 8GB- 64 gb as you choose, like pictures, documents, video, music, etc. As long as it can be fit for you. In addition, also support the on-board equipment, that is to say something in this cable, can play in your car directly, with the one you love, hi together! There is a saying: the world the most faraway distance is no network. But elegant and can help you achieve this smart phone cable, whether from home or business, or travel together. No wireless WIFI old many, but with the magical thread, you just inserted the line connecting the computer equipment of the cable, install free WIFI software, strong implementation WIFI signals can be quickly covered, so as to enjoy the pleasure of wireless surfing. When the free WIFI software installed on your computer, i368 would transform the cable in the computer network into 'portable WIFI', simply by i368 share a wireless network, so you can phone files and computer each other, also can share your computer screen: oh, that is using a mobile phone can operate your computer!
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