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Cable working methods

by:Richupon      2020-11-15

cable in the process of using life for it is very important, then the data how best to prolong life first? You know about this problem with usb cable manufacturer.

1。 The choice of cable

first, choose the original or a larger brand as far as possible, with better quality assured, relatively more longer service life.

second, choose a different cable, I want to watch filling line, generally choose the purity of fairly thick copper wire core to suit. High quality copper purity good electrical conductivity, low resistance loss more than ordinary aluminium wire core, charge transfer faster, and more stable.

and then, the data cable output current ability, avoid to choose too much electricity, with mobile phone battery capacity was not comfortable with cable can cause damage to the battery, affect their life. Generally choose 2. 1 a or more appropriate. It is also important junction, can choose zinc alloy double chip joint, can real-time monitor the charging saturation, intelligent switch trickle charge mode. This charge is more stable, less damage on the phone.

in the end, the material of the cable, in addition to TPE and PVC wire such as the original, now more popular net woven nylon, cloth can also, this kind of wire rod more resistant to strong.

all in all, try to choose some ability to resist pulling strength, interface solid wires. After all friction interface is most times is known to all, the most easily broken.

2。 protection

when we use the data line charging, try not to charge while playing, so mobile phone battery has been in a load operation, will shorten the life. When we will cable from the computer, mobile phone dial down, hold the head, pull as far as possible to avoid bending and pulling strength, prevent damage of the wire and outlet with fracture. At the same time also can protect our phone slot is not damaged, so as to produce the problem such as poor contact.

when we don't have to, cable can be in a box or pocket, avoid scattered everywhere, cause cable winding. , of course, also avoid solution doesn't open cable, the cable trample, bending times too much and anger in your heart. Moreover also should pay attention to for a long time not to cable plug in the socket, cable in the socket for too long can accelerate ageing, shorten life. Of course also should pay attention to avoid contact with water, high temperature, etc. , so as not to cause direct damage to the cable.

3。 Cable repair

when our cable interface small damage, we can put insulating tape to repair, but when the data line a lot of damage, Suggestions for replacement, so as to avoid accidents.

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