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Cable Type - C interface is becoming a standard?

by:Richupon      2020-07-26
The rapid development of the Internet age, making online transmission mode is becoming more and more simple, convenient, such as mobile phone, don't need to cable can use online tools, light transport document data. In this case, USB cable, or will be faced with abandon embarrassing situation. USB cable, relative to mobile phones, it is only a fraction of, occupy the main position is not. But at some critical moments, such as charging the mobile phone, transmit data, the existence of the USB cable can often be essential. Based on the current usage, in the short term, because the USB cable on the security advantage, so will not be eliminated. The change of the USB cable is often TaoTaiShi in order to adapt to market competition, who can make some progress in design, research and development, it is easy to occupy more market share. USB cable, however, is not without a sense of crisis. Even so, but the Micro USB plug cable is facing the trend of upgrading, the Micro USB plug in the current market share is very high, many android phones before all use this kind of interface. However, with the development of era, the Type - C interface cable also began in the digital products have gradually become the trend of the standard. Especially the Type - Coming out C interface standard, USB cable industry will enter a change again, whether the new standard can be unified cable industry, concrete depends on consumers to reflect, if consumers like, that mobile phone vendors will do support in the launch of new models. So, as the change of market, as consumers, you need to deliberate the selection process?
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