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Cable to mix the bad

by:Richupon      2020-11-15

phone everyday use in the process of all like to mix, so what is the data cable to mix the biggest harm? Take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

we all know that phone will specifications, data cable also is so, mobile phones, cameras have different cable, of course, there are the same. So you need to model specific to the mobile phone, camera, mobile phone, camera also has a lot of with a standard USB cable, can with MP3 generic.

such as prone to the phenomenon of interruption halfway when transfer files, and if it is low voltage power supply for a long time, also easy to cause damage to some of the hard drive equipment. So, in the use of electronic cable, do not suggest to mix in the specific operation.

compare mobile hard disk, the data cable of mobile phones will be some more 'delicate', even if the same brand of electronic products, the calibre of the connectors are the same, generally do not mix. Some mobile phone cable interface, but the operation is not available. Such cases, due to the power supply problem, will cause the instability of motherboard, requires attention to the problem of the specifications of the cable. Different models of mobile phone data line more don't mix. Because mobile phone and computer connection, the computer data interface is current, if do not match the current relatively, there will be a mobile phone motherboard, cell danger.

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