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Cable - — The connector

by:Richupon      2020-10-30

mainly consists of three parts: a cable connector ( USB plug) A wire connector ( USB plug) 。 The following is for everyone to do some connector overall understanding.

CONNECTOR, the CONNECTOR. Domestic also called connectors, plug and socket. Generally refers to the electric connector, which connect two of the active components, transmission current or signal. Even the basic structure of machine. 1, contact element; 2, insulator; 3, shell; 4, in the attachment.

contact element ( 马上联系) Is the core of the connector complete electrical connection parts. Generally consists of positive and negative contact piece of contact, through Yin and Yang of contact is inserted and perform electrical connection.

insulators, also often referred to as the base, base) Or mounting plate ( insert) , its role is to make contact, in accordance with the need to arrange the location and spacing, and ensure the pieces before and contact between the shell and insulation performance. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and easy workability is to choose the insulating materials processed into the basic requirements of insulator.

object, also known as shell, 壳) , it is the connector cover, it is built-in insulation plate and pin to provide mechanical protection, aim and provide the plug and socket timeliness, and to fix the connector on the device.

the basic requirement of connector:

1. Stable contact resistance;

2。 Durability;

3。 Mechanical strength;

4。 The installation of the connector is convenient;

5。 Small size, high density and light weight;

6。 Good meshing and separating handle;

7。 Low meshing force

9. Good connection performance;

10。 Waterproof;

11。 Resistance to electromagnetic radiation;

12。 Insulators, wide temperature range, self-extinguishing;

13。 Easy wiring harness assembly

14. Easy maintenance

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