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Cable selection should pay attention to three major factors

by:Richupon      2020-10-28

the well-known cable for mobile phone or a variety of electrical appliances complete charging input a steady stream of electricity energy, cable wholesale manufacturers said the choice of cable also have exquisite, want to choose high quality durable and safe data line products, not only from the data line wholesale manufacturer reputation good manufacturers to buy also need to pay attention to the following three factors:

1: wire materials

cable material is very exquisite and performance of the different materials use different data line wholesale manufacturer speak frequent due to the use of the data line is very high, so when choosing cable material not only should see wear resistance and tensile property and corrosion resistance, high quality cable has folding bending resistance performance in order to guarantee the continued in the process of using quality performance, smooth surface and material excellent cable does not scratch hand.

2: the material of the plug

is a metal plug the other end of the data cable is a usb port, data cable wholesale manufacturer to speak at the service life of the data cable is closely connected with the material of plug, plug in the frequent pull plug operation process is very susceptible to wear and tear, so only choose aluminum alloy with good performance or the plug of the zinc alloy material to be more durable, connectivity power effect also appear better not interrupt power phenomenon.

the third: the amount of copper core and charging rate

will be with different cable wholesale manufacturer about cable wire core, the more the number of wire core means that the smaller the resistance rate faster, higher and can withstand current can quickly complete mobile phones or electrical charging process, and copper can carry electricity flow is big also, won't make cable long-term fever.

this is wholesale cable manufacturer for everybody is describing the data line when the choice must pay attention to three major factors, therefore, to the quality of the data line can reach higher demands, ing will need to select the perfect cable products quality, in addition to meet the high requirements on quality, meeting the needs of recharging, wholesale manufacturers also need to cable cost reasonable economic pressure can reduce the bulk purchase for the user.

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