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Cable manufacturers will teach you how to repair the cable

by:Richupon      2020-11-15

everyone in our daily life cannot leave the use cable to charge their phone or transfer data bear dual role. Due to the use frequency is high, the failure of more, if the beginning ability strong friends, is completely can repair, according to my provide methods to repair, 100% can fix, and like the original and beautiful and durable.

the following methods: ready for the following tools: soldering iron, solder paste, solder wire, such as multimeter, bend knife, necessary tools.

open cable connection that end of the phone, is the clamp structure, with bend knife gently outward skiing clamp, minute, insert in the middle of the aperture gently break up again, can open. Each line using the multimeter, measure correctly connected, most of the fault is a thread from a hiatus, outside look not to come out again, cause the data cable can't normal use.

find problem after get off the thread on the white thread with los iron welding as shown above.

with insulating tape wrapped after welding the diagram below. Wrapped after just can use the beautiful and durable.

if you have other questions about the data cable can inquire 18028762493 Yang Gong or QQ contact 532683563 welcome everybody's attention.

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