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Cable manufacturers will teach you how to distinguish between apple data line

by:Richupon      2020-11-14
Apple quantity are good, but there is one exception, word of mouth was sent home, know what it is?

the answer is that the iPhone's official cable.com/data-cable' target='_blank'>data cable, in order to push the official accessories ( And, of course, the certification of cable, apple has carried on the limits to the third party data line ( IOS restrictions, not certified for data transmission. ) , which makes a lot of fruit are forced to look for the official.

apple cable price is expensive, but there are many customers to buy back the quality of the data line is exceptionally poor, before a lot of fruit are apple had complaints, official data cable from basic cable interface rubber fall off, cannot be used until the data line is broken.

fun for the users, apple stores in shenzhen employees said in one year warranty, Need to purchase voucher issued) Enjoy free replacement service phone cable, don't happy too early, because it refers to the outward appearance is in good condition, but to use the data cable, common faults and the wires, 'peeling phenomenon such as' is not within the scope of the warranty.

the official data line is not to force, high price makes many users turned to the third party certification of apple data line, behind the strong demand become a magic weapon for gold huaqiang north imitators. 'Daily economic news' reported that huaqiang north a headphone cables brands stressed that the founder of apple did a lot of compromise on cable design, not durable iPhone cable is an important reason of the material problem, apple for considering the environmental protection without halogen TPE wire, PVC plastic material advantage this wire is easy to degrade, although has advantages on safe environmental protection, but very light very soft TPE wire line, the material not to bear or endure dirty, and far not as strong as common woven wire qualitative data line, so once the use intensity bigger, do not pay attention to daily use, very prone to skin problems. Apple data line of the damage is often most easily in joint location, near the joint of the rubber, and reveal the conductor, the interior is divided into aluminum foil shield, metal shield, international lines to four color and strong pulling force protection. Aluminum foil shield is to ensure that the iPhone in charge of security and the insulation of the processing; Apple in order to increase the toughness of the cable around the conductor is wrapped with a layer of metal mesh, it will extend to the cable connector to protect the position of the rubber ring, but four wire used for charging and data transmission finally will be welding interface of different positions in the wires, so after separating the wires is not wrapped in metal mesh wire, the resulting apple cable joint position to become its most prone to problem areas.

plus some apple users in their daily use of cable bad habits - — Often pull line body parts, pull on the number of times many, rubber 'fragile' joint position can produce bulge, and even rupture.

apple chief reiterated that the shielding shanzhai iPhone charger and cable, a technical method, adopted by the certified cable with chip can be verified. In a standard environment, after the iPhone connected power supply, can automatically identify the from cable, if not original products, access to the identification of data, such as data transmission speed, voltage, resistance and so on do not match with normal, will jump out of the tip without the certification.

cable manufacturers recommend buying after MFI certification of formal manufacturers, production of high quality cable tian xin cable manufacturer sales hotline. 。 The hardware quality

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