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Cable manufacturers of cable has three advantages

by:Richupon      2021-03-07

the data cable phone use is a very key role for mobile phone products, whether the data transfer or mobile phones charging is inseparable from the cable and the realization of the function of the mobile phone cable, need professional cable manufacturer in shenzhen through strict production control and product testing to ensure that. The following will introduce for everybody in the industry's power cable manufacturer in shenzhen production data has three advantages.

a, durability better

shenzhen cable production, manufacturers of mobile phone cable in headphone cables used on the skin has good insulating effect of TPE raw materials for production, internal transfer material USES the transmission performance better copper core material, and copper material toughness and strength is enough to resist the external environment of mobile phone cable damage, so as to make the shenzhen cable manufacturers to produce a durable performance of the data cable.

2, transmission speed faster

shenzhen cable, cable products of the manufacturers have not only help to fast charge function, and it can also be connected to the computer for data transmission. Cable wholesale factory adopted the better interface technology, equipped with a variety of audio and video output way so that they can make the speed of data transmission more quickly.

3, safety, environmental protection and better

shenzhen headphone cables of cable manufacturer production, choose the more secure the raw materials of environmental protection, not only its recyclability is good and also won't have any smell when using and also damage the consumer's health, the unique cable safety environmental performance has also been welcomed by many consumers in the market.

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