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Cable manufacturer to tell you how to use a computer to recharge the phone is fast

by:Richupon      2021-03-14
Computer usb charging slow? Small make up to introduce the next several times just 60 seconds the computer USB charging speed method, interested friends can see: let's use of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products, will have to use the USB plug in the computer used to recharge the phone, sometimes I surf the Internet in the bedroom, without the use of mobile phones these temporarily, so will be directly connected to the computer USB. Can copy files to the mobile phone and can charge! But when plugged into USB cable, we will pop up a variety of computer assistant, software, and so on. And charging will be very slow on the computer, use consumption faster than charging! How to improve the speed of charging on the computer and the elimination of all kinds of software tips? First of all, we look at what the USB charging would be so slow? Use USB charging, also can with computer use and change, sometimes hard suddenly, speaking, reading and writing, or run some software and play games, go to our beautiful MIUI BBS CPU or graphics card all frequency work, will impact on the USB output power caused great volatility, let the battery is not very stable, might be have an impact on battery life. Computer USB port at the same time the maximum output current is 500 ma, and mobile phone charger 1 a ( 1000MA) Comparison difference in half. All computer USB charging time will be long. Below give you introduced two methods of speed way to our friend communication: method 1, modify the USB line, to prompt the charging speed and stability of the working principle of

the USB interface. Usually USB1. 1/2. 0 interface is composed of four pins, the red line on the side of one of the most side and the black line is negative, they are responsible for the external USB device power supply, mobile data is through their computer took electricity for battery charging. And in the middle of the USB interface has two D + and D - green line end White line side, they are responsible for transmitting data files.

we can make a USB charging line, in order not to damage the mobile phone of the original data cable, you can use a USB extension cable to reform. As long as the USB extension D + and D - Cable short together, can keep the cell phone mistaken for connected to the charging adapter, which can promote the speed of the computer charging. Transformation process: 1, the use of a common USB extension cable, length as short as possible, as far as possible control in 0. 4 meters. Because the longer the cable, impedance, the greater the loss, the more will affect the charging efficiency of the phone. If you really can't find such a short USB extension cable, you can cut part of cables.

2, near the interface end of the USB extension 7 cm ( In order to prevent the manual when error) , use them to cut open a short note do not force too big, just cut the cable epidermis. See the red, green, white, and black four cables. With wire stripping pliers to the green line and white line skin peeled off, revealing the copper wires. Then use the soldering iron to the green line and white line bare copper wire welded together!

3, the welding place wrapped with insulating tape. Then the USB extension cord with insulating tape the outermost layers of parcels, so is the protection of the security line, but also more durable and beautiful.

in fact, this is we the electrician very common methods used in the work, in simple terms, the same principle is just like the power of the USB line, short, good efficiency. Charging method 2, change the computer drive, increase stability and speed of Windows 7 - right click on the computer - - Equipment management.

1, USB charging the best mobile phone USB driver disable

1. Disable 'M2' portable equipment. (2) 'androidphone' drive. Warm prompt: if there is a hint, how people choose no! The specific role you will know that. No. 2, disable 'universal series bus controller' 'usbcompositedevice' below. 3, shut down the computer usb power saving double-click usbroothub 'in the pop-up window, select the will' allow the computer to turn off this device to save power 'in the box. PS: if you want to use usb storage normal function and a variety of data, please put 'M2' portable equipment and more than all the drivers to enable.

this will ensure that the computer usb port can provide relatively stable output current. Found that ascension is not obvious, but at the very least faster than usual!

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