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Cable manufacturer to teach you how to discern between true and false VIVO data line

by:Richupon      2020-11-18

the company often will receive a call V powder or the wholesaler said the cable has a problem, he bought her cellphone data first in use process is relatively easy to damage, how to correctly choose and buy a vivo original mobile phone data line? Today I'll to science, we use almost every day of cell phone data line!


a lot of people to covet is cheap and convenient, is always just on the street bought a cable home use, some bad cable will bring what harm?

problem a: data can't normal transport

problem two: mobile phone charging extremely slowly

three problems: the most serious is

phone charge explosion, injury and personal property safety

so the question comes,

4 steps to teach you vivo original cable testing!

left left left

if first, look for the encapsulation boxes. Vivo factory all sales data encapsulation boxes, bulk of the data cable are all fakes, no doubt. Confirm the fake! ! !

2。 See mark, filled with the vivo or BBK marks ( Early data line are BBK's logo)

3。 The port ( Port texture clear and more refined workmanship, middle interface leakage black)

4。 Look inside ( Four lines, and have a tin foil package, false data line may be consistent appearance, but inwardly they are 'black heart cotton' price difference here, but not recommended for casual demolition cable)

in order to ensure foolproof

please or experience to officially designated brand shop to buy!

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