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Cable manufacturer to teach you how to choose durable cable

by:Richupon      2020-10-29

how to choose durable cable? Cable manufacturer below small make up a coup, everyone must carefully read the following article content oh, understand the article content can help you save some costs.

high quality cable, due to its internal data cable is with aluminum foil and braid shielding layer, the data cable, feel some 'hard', most of the bad cable, whole feels soft.

at the same time, a shielding layer and the aluminum foil package, cable internal conductors are less susceptible to bending, so the hard line tend to be more durable. Consumer is when the choose and buy may wish to touch. Of course, this does not include sheath add a layer of metal decorations outside cable.

it is important to note that said this is the 'hard' means feel cable hard internal structure in the whole line, not only index according to the lines of the skin.

the current cable sheath material can be divided into three categories, one is a high-fiber nylon, the braided cable material is strong and durable; Two other TPE and PVC, respectively, to consumers is common white plastic material, the material TPE advantage is not easy to aging, resistant to pull, compared with the PVC material more soft.

through the understanding of this article, we all learn how to choose the durable cable? Hope I can help to you.

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