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Cable manufacturer: 'magnetic suction cable whether ok or not

by:Richupon      2020-10-30

as the electronics industry began to push with this new interface, including the mobile phone industry, medical industry, factory equipment and other industries are widely used. And my side has several colleagues to use this kind of magnetic absorbing cable interface of mobile phone, charging with magnetic suction cable, data cable, the appearance of the cable can be special and is novel, both sides can insert is very convenient.

now with this kind of magnet wires of people more and more, and it has what features or very few people know, cable manufacturers to share magnetic suction cable interface magnetic suction cable interface characteristics of the data cable:

1. Magnetic suction USB cable interface version of a feature is the transmission speed, is beyond the version before the theory of bandwidth from 5 GBPS doubled to 10 GBPS.

2。 T magnet wires, another big characteristic is both positive and negative, inserted at random, collaborate to zero, even if the three-year-old child can't wrong.

3。 Magnetic suction cable interface extensible ability strong, can transmit audio signals, expanded to a variety of audio and video output interface, such as HDMI, VGA, DVI interface, can realize even reached 4 k resolution is the extension of the transmission.

4。 Thin: the life and the common traditional magnetic suction USB data line interface, a new type of magnetic suction cable interface on the size of the thin body, is more suitable for use in the increasingly miniaturization of electronic equipment, can withstand more than 10000 times again and again plug;

5。 Magnetic suction power supply ability: adopt USB3 cable interface. 1 standard can provide up to 100 w power output, can through the USB interface implementation two-way magnetic suction cable power supply, as well as to charge, with the device itself can also be used to external power supply equipment, equipment charging time can also be reduced.

can be seen from above or magnetic suction still good a data cable, cable, of course, also need to buy magnetic suction cable selection, brand cable Type - 2 c magnetic suction cable a intelligent fast charging can give you a faster and more safe charging experience, can go to buy mobile phone cable manufacturer.

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