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Cable maintenance of common sense

by:Richupon      2020-11-18

the original cable, why always bad?

TPE the use of this new material, make the cable is of good handle and environmental protection. Combined with our testing results and the usage of all, the vast majority of the damage of the original data cable, is caused by the material aging appearance.

although original line with sufficient tensile strength, but daily use do need to pay more attention, to prolong the service life.

outside the original line was yellowed aging, to reveal the internal metal net

clean and nursing

our hands will sweat and oil corrosion data cable, causing the material aging. Can use wet soft cloth, or non-alcoholic wipes to clean line, remember that don't use alcohol and other organic solvents for cleaning.

a lot of students in the use of MFi certification cable will occasionally pop-up window. After using for a long time, don't be nervous, cable from the metal contact will produce carbon deposition stained or dirty things lead to poor contact, thus a dropped charge even the phenomenon such as pop-up window. Can be used to clean the small rubber wipe gently, to clean up from joint metal pins.

the correct insertion position

to hold parts of cable from plastic sheath to plug the data line. Many students like to direct grabbed, pull out the cable line. Not only is likely to damage the cable because of stress concentration, and may damage the phone from the interface!

the right way to plug with the risk of 'line machine destroyed wu'

20 metal joint is designed on both sides of the symmetrical sag, used for jam joint when charging.

20 metal pins of the data line

if grabbed line directly pull out the cable, is likely to lead to metal connector is broken in the charging port.

this tragedy can only send repaired, it is said that repair prices are not cheap.

20 joint is broken in the mobile phone interface ( Pictures from Internet)

charging at the same time can play mobile phone?

for: when charging the battery to discharge is not does not affect battery life!

against: when charging mobile phone, mobile phone fever can affect the service life!

in fact, the two sides have a point. Through professional literatures, we find that when charging the iPhone, mobile phone within the power provided by the charger directly. So there is no battery charging and discharging.

when charging the normal answer the call, check the delivery is no problem.

however, charging and mobile phones in use will fever, superposition of two kinds of heat will generate heat. So, while charging, play big games for a long time, to talk on the phone, will make the phone double fever, which affects the battery life.

radiation during charging?

research shows that when charging the electromagnetic radiation level will not change. Mobile phone electromagnetic radiation intensity is only related to the intensity of the signal, in poor signal place, mobile phone will increase the transmission power to ensure the quality of communication.

for mobile phone electromagnetic radiation at home and abroad have very strict rules, even the largest launch power also needs to control within the standard.

the iPhone's radiation exposure, and avoid the advice of the radiation exposure

actually, mobile phone radiation temperature will bring strong feeling is also understandable. Because, a kind of thermal radiation is the radiation ( Winter heating is a very large heat radiation source, friends want to hugging it into your arms) 。 Write at the last regular cable manufacturers, are through strict physical and chemical testing before they go out. Combined with apple for third-party accessories strict certification requirements, quality is guaranteed. You can rest assured use. A picture save anxiety

we do not recommend buying and using inferior, unauthorized data line. This kind of wire not only pose a safety hazard, and likely because the system upgrade to use, even damage the phone.

what are the specific consumer or you do not understand the new and old customers call advisory welcome to disturb, contact the company's web site has a thank you for your support.

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