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Cable is how to make out?

by:Richupon      2020-11-15

close cable, everybody is not strange, so how much do you know about the production process of the data cable? About the small make up take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

1。 The cutting line ( Generally we are using this kind of cable factory automatic wire cutting machine and cutting line, rarely manual cutting line, automatic wire cutting machine with decortication) ,

2. Skinning ( We are using automatic peeling machine and semi-automatic peeling machine, peeling endothelial) ,

3. USB plug welding ( Points automatic soldering machine welding and manual welding to two) ,

4. Whether the semi-finished product inspection, welding head fake welding wire appearance inspection, etc.

5. Shape USB, If you have points inside and outside the mold have to separate molding, both inside and outside, general as long as a forming die or plastic shell assembly

6. Test - Check the appearance - Binding wire - The packing.

data using the advantage of tpe wire

for tpe wire cable to its advantage in where? You know about this problem with usb cable manufacturer.

1。 TPE materials processing performance, has the deployment of all sorts of color, the common on the market is white or light gray;

2。 TPE cable made of smooth feel not glue the hand, can be frosted or delicate effect of the surface of the cable;

3。 By blending TPE formula, can promote wire aging resistance, resistance to yellowing UV performance, prolong the service life of products;

4。 TPE raw material safe non-toxic, not cause stimulus to human skin, do not contain toxic plasticizer, replace PVC wire rod quality choice;

5。 TPE cable, stable performance, level of halogen free flame retardant where V0, plays a big role on ehs performance.

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