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Cable FAQ

by:Richupon      2020-11-16

will inevitably meet problems in the process of using data line, usb cable manufacturer on these issues today made a summary for you.

1, mobile phone data cable function.

a: cable is used to transfer data, is connected to the mobile phone and computer serial data communication line, can put the data transmission between computers and mobile phones.

2, root is the power supply cable?

a: red is the positive black is negative white and green is to transmit data;

3, cable connect with computer, display data cable can't identify?

a: computer USB interface and the driver is not installed will affect the data identification, please check carefully did interface is loose.

4, no shielding layer in the cable in use will be affected?

a: will, in the copy will be disturbed, cable shielding layer is for the sake of data transmission in the process.

5, how to check the phone cable no problem?

a: look to the wear and tear, interface try connect with computer or mobile phone power supply.

6, mobile phone charging, a moment disconnect for a moment what's the problem?

a: cable interface is too loose lead to poor contact.

7, one in three of the data cable can charge 3 mobile phones?

a: you can use at the same time, the charging speed will be slow, because the current spreading.

8, mobile phone data line power size?

a: there is no power difference between mobile phone cable, only the material thickness, length, etc. , respectively. Since there is no difference, so will find a lot of parts of cable can be generic. Used in mobile phone charger, charging speed is determined by the charger, in simple terms, the greater the power, the shorter the charging time.

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