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Cable factory tell you characteristics which with high quality headphone cables

by:Richupon      2020-10-29

headphone cables is a frequent close contact with every day in our lives, but they might not pay attention to mobile phone cable material at ordinary times, if you use inferior cable, not only will cause the charging time extended, and for our safety and health will also be a hazard. Then, the high quality headphone cables have what characteristics do you, let the reputation of cable manufacturer to tell you one by one:

1, by good insulation and durability is strong

cable manufacturer tell consumers, the high quality cable sheath is made of good material TPE materials, so its advantage is more prominent in the insulation performance, in addition, the dongguan cable factory also tell the user that is due to the internal data cable adopts the copper material, so it can have a better toughness and strength to resist the uncertain factors in the environment, in order to gain better use effect.

2, wide USES and transmission speed

cell phone cable manufacturers wholesalers tell users, the use of the data cable is wide, not only can be used to meet the needs of the mobile phone daily charge, but also as an important connection of computer and mobile phone when transmitting data tools, secondly, dongguan cable factory also specially to tell users, because the data cable USES a magnetic suction interface version, and a variety of audio and video output interface mode, therefore it can greatly shorten the file and data transmission time.

3, color is rich and safe environmental protection

popular cable manufacturer told the user, the data line also has a rich variety of color for customers to choose, to meet the special needs of different consumer groups to color, and high recovery rate of the raw materials can be used as the cable and without any smell, as a result, it can also have a higher security environmental protection characteristics to attract more customers of all ages.

by the cable manufacturer in detail, believe that most users have also learned that a good headphone cables not only have good insulation and durability is strong characteristic, also has wide application, fast transmission speed, color rich and significant features, such as security environmental protection can make people get more convenient use effect at the same time, also can have higher safety and reliability for the guarantee of its security is the highest.

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