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Cable copper wire in the common sense

by:Richupon      2020-06-18
Copper wire has a very wide range of USES, mainly used in wire and cable, electrical appliances, metal mesh weaving, wire and electronic hardware parts processing, cold heading rivets and screws, electronic accessories telecommunications devices, cable and other conductive materials, as far as I know, and wire cable manufacturers are need to use copper wire, the production of each product line is to use copper wire. The copper wire is divided into: copper wire, brass wire, white wire, bronze wire, phosphorus copper wire, constantan wire. Commonly used is brass wire cable manufacturer. The main performance is as follows: (copper wire 1) Conductive performance is good, the conductivity of silver, 91. 3%. ( 2) Heat conduction performance is good, 73% of the thermal conductivity of silver. ( 3) Good good plasticity, easy molding and processing. ( 4) The corrosion resistance is strong, of copper in hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid to little effect. In the dry air has the strong corrosion resistance, in the moist air containing CO2 being less intelligent remained statistically significant toxic verdigris ( Alkaline copper carbonate) 。 ( 5) But with other non-ferrous metal materials of various properties of the alloy. The density of copper wire is 8. 89 g/cm3, it has good electrical conductivity, electrical conductivity, second only to silver, copper, the more pure, its electric conductivity, the better; Have good thermal conductivity, second only to silver and gold; Also has certain mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, low temperature brittleness, easy to welding, strong plasticity, facilitate processing all kinds of cold and hot pressure. Conductive copper usually choose copper purity is 99. Under the condition of 9% of the copper industry, in particular, can choose oxygen-free copper or nonmagnetic high purity copper.
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