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Cable charging speed are those factors?

by:Richupon      2020-11-18

the customer in the process of charging with usb data cable often find such problem is that some cable charging speed some slow, so what reason is that this is the case? Take you know about the usb cable manufacturer.

a. The output power of the charger can meet the needs of mobile phone. Charging current of battery capacity is less than 2500 mah, generally 1 a, more than 2500 mah of the charging current is 2 a.

basic can charging and data transmission, charging line if only charge it is certainly less two core, USB cable in the power supply is negative and data are negative a total of four separate string cable, charging slow reason is mostly charging current is too small, and the data relationship really is not big, unless you are exceptionally long line, want to say have a certain relationship, that is the resistance line, don't be too long, buy expensive, wire core, would have no problem

2. Cable is connected to the charger and mobile phone, because there is cable resistance, resistance measurement, with the same charge head, the smaller the resistance, through the greater the current.

3. Is mobile phone built-in charging speed control chip, what is the maximum current is allowed, and mobile phones plug and output current is original data cable has a certain influence.

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