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by:Richupon      2020-11-09

) from the ordinary headphones to the ear is very concentrated direct tympanic membrane, and because the environment is sealed between the headphones and ear, so the sound waves can't spread outward, listening to the headphones for more than 10 minutes, you will find that the hearing will decline, if if will slowly over a long period of time produce permanent hearing loss.

and FM earphone can effectively avoid these problems. Then what are the advantages of it? The following cables manufacturer are introduced one by one to you:

1, can be used with the small transmitter.

2, FM, audio/receiving function, the digital display function.

3, equipped with the mi line ( With a microphone) Can be used in the language lab.

4, wearing comfortable, and can be folded, beautiful appearance, light weight, small volume, convenient to carry.

5, can receive audio broadcasting and FM radio, and can receive local FM radio. High sensitivity, low noise,

USB cable manufacturer, said although the FM headphone has these advantages, can reduce the rate of ear injury, but for the sake of our ear health, also can't often long time continuous to oh!

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