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类型, C cable, how to choose?

by:Richupon      2020-12-01

类型, C cable in the process of choosing how to choose the suitable? You know about this problem with usb cable manufacturer.

the first: both positive and negative, double-sided pluggable

Type - C the difference between the cable and the most intuitive MICRO cable is both positive and negative, double-sided pluggable. In order to increase the consumer experience, it is not only reduce the time of the plug cable, it can improve the Type - C cable service life and safety.

of course, now on the market of android mobile phones with apple launched double-side pluggable data cable.

the second: fast charging

as the mobile phone use frequency is taller, you when choosing equipment will give priority to its capacity, the speed of charging of the battery. Due to the Type - C of charge speed is much faster than the traditional MICRO interface, so they often do. Third:

has a two-way charging function

carrying Type - Equipment can be through the Type - C interface C lines to connect mobile power for charging, no need to carry the charging line, a wall and filling Type - C line. In addition, in choosing the Type - C cable, should pay attention to current limit oh.

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