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Are you still bother to buy what kind of mobile phone cable?

by:Richupon      2020-08-10
When you use mobile phone cable can't charge electricity often or always have a problem, original data is always easy to break, do you think we should buy a good and durable headphone cables is the most true, buy what kind of mobile phone data line? Our request is not much, actually is not so easy to break, faster charging, and durable. Have a company that specializes in apple accessories to launch one of the most solid mobile phone cable, strong tensile, even can be used when the rope pulling a car. Estimate the cable is pulled all pull continuously, all stunned friend? Cable is made from high strength nylon fiber woven, durable, strong tensile, all can be used to drive a car. So strong, maybe this phone cable is longer than the service life of your phone. At both ends of the carton consolidated with metal package, user basically don't have to worry about data line will be worn. Someone complained about the cable is too short, now so many mobile phone data cable 1. 5 ~ 1. 8 meters long, will complain? Cable is not, of course, as long as possible. Because once the cable is too long, the resistance will increase relatively, charging will be a certain degree of influence and the transmission speed. So should pay attention to buy cable.
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