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Apple USB Type - dare to be choice C?

by:Richupon      2020-10-26

the apple since the iPhone in 2007, its own chargers have been 5 w power, early mobile phones do not support the fast charge, and the utilization of mobile phones for people is not so high now. But with the development of the mobile phone industry, people more and more high to the requirement of mobile life and fast charging, manufacturers have to join a larger capacity in its mobile phone batteries, and quick charge chip and so on. Apple is not exceptional also, in its latest flagship iPhone X, has joined the support for quick charge, but because of the standard is still a 5 w charger, lead to the user if you want to experience the quick charge function, will have to purchase additional corresponding charger and data cables.

according to the latest news, apple will launch the iPhone for two months with 18 w quick was electric, and can replace the charger interface, from a USB Type - A change to the USB Type - C, but that's not the end, the next step will be the next year the iphone's interface and USB Type - instead C interface, expected the/ipod will follow up with this change, or even almost finished to USB Type - apple devices The transition of the C interface, this means that the Type - C turn from the wires or will become a new generation of iPhone standard.

it is true, even if the USB Type - C has many advantages, also can cover up the reality of universal speed slow, because other manufacturers as radical, and no apples so much influence, there are many devices stuck with USB Type - A interface, the situation will continue for A period of time, there may be apple's entry, USB Type - The popularity of C speed will ascend to a certain extent, all of which we are looking forward to.

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