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Apple's data is not durable?

by:Richupon      2020-10-25

in the life, some apple mobile users often face a problem. That is in cable, apple data line is very easy to bad, and buy back to the original cable and feel a little bit expensive, buy high copy of the data line, mobile phone will prompt 'this cable or accessories have not been certified to' for data transmission. So this is really a headache thing.

a lot of people buy apple mobile phones because of good quality and system flow, but why can't solve a small apple data line, actually this hidden behind such a factor, that is to make the material of cable. Apple adopted for the sake of environmental protection without halogen TPE wire, this material because it's easy to degrade, so it's green, but the quality is far not as strong as android cable use woven material. In order to protect the environment, apple is also take great pains.

so how to protect good apple data line. Learn a few action, no longer worry for the problem of the data line!

1, at the time of charging line pull, do not pull the cable. Accurate method is, seize the cable pull out again at the top of the interface.

2, with electrical tape winding cable joints, let the data line is not so easy to break.

3, place the cable at room temperature, do not use cable for a long time in high temperature or humid place. High temperature may accelerate the life of the cable.

4, sleeping, don't put the cable on the side, because went to sleep and turn around and pressure data cable for a night, wake up the next morning, the cable may be unusable.

5, cable with heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube set in, and then use the lighter made the contract, so it can perfect enveloping data line.

6, winding data for a long time, need not when to keep

when actually we usually use cable, the cause of damage of cable ontology, mostly because of the direct pulling cable instead of drawing interface. Too rough to treat the data line, cable is not too good for you. Not good maintenance data cables' small fathers' words, from time to time they have to go to the website to spend more than 100 new to buy a new 'small fathers'.

apple cable, it is often easy to damage the ridicule by netizens, netizens called apple which is simply too 'all'. Actually the starting point of the company is good, in order to protect the environment and use zero halogen TPE material. But this kind of design in environmental protection at the same time, quietly left a difficult problem to apple users.

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