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Apple mobile phone cable, why can't compatible with different brands of mobile phone?

by:Richupon      2020-10-26
Apple data line a lot of people, everyone knows that apple data line can only be used on the iphone and apple's mobile electronic devices. Unlike android cable can widely compatible with all kinds of brand mobile phone, apple mobile phone cable, why can't compatible with different brands of mobile phone?
apple data cable only can use apple mobile phones and why can't compatible with other brands of mobile phones. Because apple data line is designed for the iphone, can match the apple mobile phone use, other brands of mobile phone is unable to use. Because in addition to think apple mobile phones and other brands of mobile phone is android, the mobile phone charging socket and the design of the cable plug is different from apple. So apple data line can only match apple mobile phone, to be compatible with different brand android phones.
the role of the inside of the cable shielding layer
literal meaning we can understand from shield to block, block any outside interference. Cable is an important role in transmitting data signals, but in daily life, we use the data line, around will appear all sorts of information clutter interference and disturbance signal.
we can imagine what happens if the interference signal to the interior data line and a normal cable in use process is the process of charging and data transmission, even as he is producing job runtime in the absence of shielding cable outside any signal and electromagnetic interference to his, resulting in the loss of signal.
just like when we read a book, next to a music freak in singing loudly or play music, reading in this way we will be disturbed, couldn't calm down and read a book, only to be shut the door in the room, thus to block some noise. Cable with shield, would put all the signal block of the outside world, will not affect the use of the data line.
block is to the isolation of the metal between the two areas, to control the electric field, magnetic field and electromagnetic wave by an area to get a induction and radiation region, is in the shield conductor wire core surrounded by preventing their star by external electromagnetic fields/jamming signal, cable shielding layer also can prevent the interference of electromagnetic field/internal signals spread outward, etc.
cable shielding layer of the production process of
cable shielding layer is mainly composed of copper, aluminum non-magnetic materials, usually for braided copper network ( Aluminum magnesium weaving nets) Or copper foil ( Aluminum foil) And so on. Their thickness is very thin. Thing to note is that he must be at the end of the circuit and signal ground connection, because the main shield effect was not due to the reflection of electric field, magnetic field the metal body, absorption, but due to shield grounding, grounding form different will directly affect the shielding effect.
headphone cables with shielding material production process how?
with copper - Out of ( The soft-core) — Winding ( The conductor) — The aluminum foil - Weaving ( Or wound) — Out of ( Be outside) — City volume packaging
in the electronic connecting cables, we often use letters to identify its use material:
AL foil, such as: 4 c + AL, mean four core wire aluminum foil bag.
AB on behalf of weaving, such as: 4 c + 80/0. 10 ab, mean 4 core braided wire, weaving specifications for 80-0. 01 mm outside diameter of copper wire.
S representatives, such as: 4 c + 60/0. 10 s, mean 4 c winding line, the winding of the specifications of the 0 to 60. 10 mm outside diameter of copper wire.
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