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All sorts of data difference and common interface

by:Richupon      2020-05-28
Around today in a wide range of data interface, literally a few devices have several different interface, then you can say how many devices common data interface? Small make up I work for a couple of years, in cable factory for these common data interface and the difference has certain understanding, to spread below: 1, the Internet line, can only be used for GPRS CDMA1X or surf the Internet. 2, charging line: general is Internet access in synchronous line or add a USB charging function, practical convenience, the Internet and text essential functions. Can be further subdivided into take charge and take charge switch two kinds, the former one in charge, the latter has a small switch, can control whether charging. With electric switch of the highest level, of course, the price also more expensive. 3, synchronous line: used to transfer the phone book; Picture the bell; SMS; Multimedia data, etc. , of course, part is the two-way transmission, partial support only one-way transmission. This kind of cable is common. 4, flash line: can be used to upgrade flash. Typical models: benq S700; Upgrade to unlock a line. 5, multifunctional line: support Internet, at the same time synchronization, flash, charging and so on the function of two or more than two. Apple cable manufacturer of choose and buy fruit cable are usually considered the biggest key is the price, in fact, this is the biggest mistake. Just mentioned, cable manufacturers can be divided into domestic brand and domestic brand, domestic unlicensed there is a less known and inferior brand, quality is poor, can say 1 in every 3 root root is bad. So it points out the quality of the product and find good sellers is the key factor. More powerful distributors generally is the guarantee of product quality, because they don't want to sell a few creative custom data cable according to the line was to return and exchange, not back and forth the postage, if time also consumes a lot of energy. So gold seller will cooperate with famous reputable manufacturer, the manufacturer general failure rate of 1%, and some bad manufacturer failure rate of 30%. This is why the function of the same type cable price to 2 times. BA mouth and mouth the type A and type can be said to be the most common USB interface, you type c cable also customize must contact many, the four lines inside, which is 5 v, D -, respectively , D, and Ground, D - among them And D is responsible for transmission, because it is a serial interface, so the data are based on single bitstream transmission of high frequency. The interface for a large number of in some larger USB devices, such as USB printer, scanner, the interface and type D interface, it is not easy to fault, very safe. Common MiniB type 5 pin interface the following is the most common interface in digital products, due to the limitation of digital product volume, so usually use are the MiniB interface type, but there are many kinds of type MiniB interface also. The interface for a large number of in some larger USB devices, such as USB printer, scanner, the interface and type D interface, it is not easy to fault, very safe.
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