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Affect the quality of the data line of mobile phone use and material is very important?

by:Richupon      2020-10-24
We use mobile phones to often charge, after all, you can now change little smart phone batteries, cell phone batteries can't meet the needs of our everyday use of mobile phones, so the cable, it is very important for mobile phones, because cell phones have no electric charge with usb data cable is very convenient, but affect the quality of the data cable of mobile phone use and material is very important?
affect how the charging is the most important part of the data cable, tend to have 4 root ( USB3. More more than 0) , including power supply and data transmission, wrapped inside and each wire conductor is copper wire commonly, better material will use anaerobic pure tin copper wire and copper wire, and many shanzhai line is with wire ( So a treasure some cable sold very cheap, a few blocks wallet mail) 。
there are different size of conductor, in AWG, AWG represent American Wire the Gauge American Wire Gauge, this is an internal component design specification of a Wire, is also the most widely used industrial standard. AWG numerical is smaller on behalf of the wire diameter thicker, the focus is on differences lies in the cross-sectional area. Wire thicker can carry the greater the power flow, so the more thick, the cable is the faster charging. Can be as simple as water pipes, the same circumstances, the coarser the water flow through the pipes will be more, water pipe is too thin, through the less natural water. The stand or fall of a cable should be so important, affects the speed of mobile charging.
and the length of the cable will also affect the charging speed, because the wire itself is resistance, in theory, the shorter the length of the cable, the smaller the wastage of the wire, charging speed will be faster; And the longer the cable length, the greater its resistance, charging speed will be slower.
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