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About avoiding the choose and buy inferior type - C data line method

by:Richupon      2020-11-06

inferior type - C cable will cause harm to the mobile phone, type - C cable manufacturer to tell you how to avoid?

use inferior type - The harm of c data line?

we all know that cable is belong to fragile objects, when we use the type of - C data line is broken after a lot of friend will be online or on the roadside stall to buy a used casually, then it is easy to buy inferior cable, will cause serious damage to the phone, the following USB cable manufacturer just simple chat.

类型, C an important feature is that it can provide up to 3 a charging current, which is the most cheap Type - C to reach the standard, and the charging current is not up to standard for hardware is very dangerous, because of some traditional equipment may not be able to adjust it to the appropriate charging current.

, for example, when a USB - C cable through USB2. Turn the USB - 0 C connector to connect to the device, the cable should be provided on a 56 k Ω pull resistance, so as to make the correct identification of the connected equipment charging equipment is a traditional equipment, so that the charging current to the device would be acceptable to 1. 5 a or 2. 4 a current. But if you are using USB - norm C line recharged, could lead to a lack of resistor is beyond equipment load current flows, and the equipment cannot cut current to the acceptable range, this will cause the damage of equipment, and even lead to greater security hidden danger. If use the inferior type - for a long time C data line, are more likely to burn your mobile phone during charging.

avoid inferior type - the choose and buy C method of the data line?

so USB cable manufacturer recommendations, buy inferior type - if you're afraid C cable, buy Type - from reputable brands C data cable, from the mobile phone manufacturers to buy original cable is also a good choice, we are cable manufacturer's type - C cable, custom, or wholesale demand is high the price is very cheap, but quality is also great. If you can't find type - high quality C cable manufacturers, factory, just choose us data cable is worthy of your trust. If you want to know more about the type - C cable product and the content of the data line wholesale price, welcome to click on either side of the site for free online consultation can contact us.

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